Features of Good CAFM Software

May 2023

Good quality CAFM software enables you to manage your Property, Estates and Facilities amazingly, despite increases in demand and challenging budgets. Ensure you are using your CAFM to its full potential with this guide from CAFM experts 3i Studio Ltd, highlighting the features you should have available to you

Key CAFM Benefits

CAFM, or Computer Aided Facilities Management software, has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years; enabling Estates and Facilities Managers, as well as their teams and contractors, to manage their property and work efficiently and more easily. Key features you should now be benefiting from with your CAFM solutions should include the following:

Reactive Helpdesk

Manging fault reporting and work requests can be complex, but a good CAFM solution can make this simple. With real time updates, monitor what is happening at every stage of works, including the costs; even answering queries as they arise.

Semi-Automated Helpdesk

Semi-automated Helpdesks are now standard; with end users logging their faults and issues themselves, freeing up your helpdesk teams to allocate jobs and solve issues rather than simply manning telephones.

Straighforward PPM

Planned Preventative Maintenance tasks, as well as scheduled testing, can be managed simply and easily from within your CAFM system; ensuring nothing is missed. See clearly what is coming up, schedule in the work and plan accordingly; pro-longing the life of your assets and preventing unplanned failures and unexpected costs arising.

Managed Compliance

Your CAFM should include a comprehensive Compliance Certificate Register, ensuring everything across your estate complies with relevant legislative requirements. View all your compliance dates and documents for your estates' assets in once place, and be reminded when renewals are due, so you can plan ahead as well as budget more accurately.

Informed Space Descisions

CAFM makes your space reporting easy and fast. Tracking who is occupying which space, its area, the heated volume of each room, along with the overall usage figures, centrally and in real time, means you can release space for its best use; enabling informed space utilisation decisions to be made.

Information On-The-Go

With secure access to all your information and documentation you, your team and even your contractors, can work from anywhere, with one simple log-in. Live updates and the ability to attach photos and documents to tasks mean you can see job progression in real time, enabling you to make immediate decisions, and provides a useful record of what has been done.

Using Your Existing Technology

Modern CAFM runs securely in the cloud, enabling you, your team, and contractors, to work anywhere, without the cost of new technology.

Simplified Reporting

With saved templates and easy report creation, you won't need to manipulate your data or spend frustrating hours finding the information you need for your reports. Your CAFM should simply run the reports the reports you need.


For expert CAFM advice contact 3i Studio Ltd: 0345 675 5051 or info@3istudio.com

Managing Your Compliance Effectively with CAFM

Apr 2023

Good quality CAFM should include everything you need to manage your compliance in a straightforward, secure, and timely way. It should do all the hard work for you!

So ask yourself two quick questions:

  • Is your compliance documentation in order?
  • Do you have full view of your compliance liabilities?
If your answer to either of these questions is 'no', get in touch with 3i Studio - we will be happy to provide you with an easy to use but highly functional Compliance Module.

A Good CAFM Compliance Module Will Provide....

An easy to use register

Your CAFM solution should include a Compliance Certificate Register; enabling you to view all your key compliance dates and documents for your estate's assets in once place.
See at a glance what is coming up, and even drill down to see remedial action requirements and outstanding PPM. All your information should be there at a touch of a button.

Timely renewal reminders

Giving you reminders ahead of time will help you know when to renew your certificates or make specific checks, as well as help ensure you comply with all your legislative requirements.
And most CAFM compliance solutions now use a simple traffic light colour code system so you can see at a glance what is coming up.

The ability to budget and plan ahead

With timely reminders of when your renewals are due, you will be warned ahead of time what is coming up, helping you budget accurately and plan accordingly.


For expert CAFM advice contact 3i Studio Ltd: 0345 675 5051 or info@3istudio.com

Managing Your Buildings Risk Effectively with CAFM

Mar 2023

Recording your building risk assessment results, ensuring all your risks are identified and necessary remedial actions registered and planned in, needs to be managed effectively, as well as made as simple as possible for everyone involved.
Modern CAFM solves this. Does yours?

Three simple checks to ensure your CAFM is managing your buildings risk effectively are:

  • Can you easily record your buildings risk assessments?
  • Can you easily share and manage you remedial actions?
  • Do you have suitable evidence for your health & safety assessments?

Can you easily record your buildings risk assessments?

With 3i Studio, all your risk assessment information can be recorded easily, with your risk information presented in a clear and easy to use format for you and your team to use, whether they are technical or non-technical. A synchronisable version is available so surveys and risk assessments can be completed out and about on a tablet, removing the need for printouts and manual updates.

Can you easily share and manage your remedial actions?

It goes without saying that it's important that remedial actions be easily shared and managed. With 3i Studio's CAFM, you can make sure nothing is missed, as your remedial actions can also be emailed out as jobs, or allocated into your planned maintenance; scheduled and monitored to ensure they are completed, with updates and costs recorded.

Do you have suitable evidence for your Health & Safety assessments?

With Risk Manager, from 3i Studio, all your risk assessments are catalogued and your remedial actions tracked, along with information on who is responsible for completion. This will enable you to show what was done, when and by whom, so should any issues arise, you can provide documented evidence of your Health & Safety and Risk Mitigation responsibilities.


For expert CAFM advice contact 3i Studio Ltd: 0345 675 5051 or info@3istudio.com

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